Urban fire is the most numerous cause to loss of life and property. According to the point, with 22 years background in electrical equipment production, The founders of ” ASHKARSAZAN Iranian Co.,” have make a dicision on design and produce of fire alarm systems under “TESLA” trade name in 2011.

In 2014, “TESLA” developed the first specialized laboratory based on ISIRI (Iranian national Standards and Industrial Reserchers Institute) and EN54 instructions and Giudelines at Iran. The Laboratory has been assigned as one of major assistants and collegues to ISIRI since then.

Tesla Fire alarm system components such as Control Panel, Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Manual Call Point and Sounder Beacon have been developed to the highest standards. The standards make the national and Int’l European grades.

The Quality of our products made us no way to run with “Life Time Warranty”. Our Products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship with a lifetime guarantee.